Diwali get together is celebrated every year without fail at SSA. This evening brings our Sindhi families together, to grace an important Hindu festival, Diwali. The evening starts with Meet and Greet and a variety of food for all to enjoy. This festival of Lights gives all of us SINDHIS, a small community in Singapore an opportunity to be one Family.


Krishna Janmashtmi is celebrated every year at SSA with cultural program which also narrates the story of Lord Krishna through Drama, Songs and Dances. The program includes children and adults taking part in singing, dancing and acting. This program is led by our Mrs Asha Singh for the past 25 year. We also appreciate the contribution from our regular sponsor, Uptron Pte Ltd and others.


Teejri, a day when Sindhi women fast for the long lives of their husbands, is celebrated every year with Love and enthusiasm at SSA. The ladies perform prayers together. They play games, mehandi and there is normally a well setup photo booth with photo printing.All in all a perfect celebeation of the power of love.


Chetichand, our Sindhi new year, is celebrated with great grandeur at SSA each year. On the day, we have either our local artists or international performers, come in and mesmerize the crowd with some melodious praises of Jhulelal.

The devotees are flushed with delight and dance in the glory of God Jhulelal. This is then followed by Chetichand mela the following weekend where we have home made Sindhi delicacies sold at the stalls by our volunteers. The proceeds of this mela are donated to charity.


Holi Is celebrated each year at a large scale in partnership Marwari Mitra Mandal Singapore, Singapore Gujarati Society, Maharashtra Mandal Singapore. It is supported by Punjabi Society Singapore & Mountbatten CC IAEC. Katong CCMC provides full support and considerable logistics to celebrate the Festival of Colours.

The celebration draws a huge crowd who immerse themselves in colours, music and dance. Cultural performances and lucky draw add even more thrill to an already vibrant gathering.

Ladies Luncheons

SSA Ladies Wing has Luncheons 3-4 times a year. Fun is on the agenda but not without purpose. SSA Ladies Wing is committed to providing full support to our Sindhi Lady entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Each time we have 2 young entrepreneurs who used this platform as a medium to present their businesses to the ladies of the community sharing their journey and inturn inspiring many. This is then followed by Lots of fun with Best Dressed Bollywood Queens, Games, Lucky Draw , Sumptuous Food Spread and Prizes.

Musical Night

Musical nights, where artists perform live Bollywood concerts, are organised regularly for the entertainment of our members.

Senior Citizen programs

Our senior Citizen programs started, in the year 2003 and it has been held under the leadership of Mr Chatru Vaswani and his committee. Every get together comprises of entertainment in the form of picnics, video session and talks. The outing and day trips has proven to be very popular and successful. This community service gives an opportunity to our seniors who can participate, socialise   and interact within the community.

Toast Masters

We have SSA Toast Masters club which is a educational club for the purpose of promoting communication, public speaking and leadership.