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Sai Uderolal

Jhulelal sitting on a lotus flower in the middle of a river and surrounded by a couple of silver fish (palla fish)

Affiliation : VarunaDeva

Abode : Sea & River Indus

Weapon : Sword

Mount : Fish & Horse

Sai Uderolal is revered as an incarnation of Varundevta who descended on earth to help Hindus in Sindh to preserve their culture and heritage against the oppressive onslaught of the Muslim Kings.

In the l0th century, Hindu Sindhis living in Sindh suffered greatly at the hands of oppressive Muslim rulers, in particular King Marakhshah of Thato. He was bent on torturing Hindus and forcing their conversion to Islam. Unable to bear their suffering. the Hindus turned to prayer. They assembled on the banks of the river Sindhu and prayed for 7 days continuously to Varun Oevta. With the sincerity of their prayers, Varun Oevta appeared from the river and told them their protector would be born to the Ratanrai family.

True enough; a son was born In the house of Ratanrai on Friday evening. New Moon of Month Chaltra 1007 A. D. He was named Udayachandra, which means the rising moon. He is known by many other names including Uderolal, Amarlal (the immortal saint), and Jhoole Lal (jewel of the cradle) as many childish pranks were played from the cradle. Uderolal was an extraordinary child and news to his divine powers and miraculous ways soon spread throughout Sindh.

Angered, the Marakh ruler sent his minister to kill Sai Uderolal or capture him. The minister attempted to poison Sai Uderolal but instead his eyes were opened to the many miracles of Uderotal and he requested that Sal Uderolal accompany him to Thato to bring the Marakh ruter to the right path. The Marakh ruler was astonished to see the miracles and powers of Shrl Uderolal. He repented, apologized and promised to stop torturing the Hindus.

Shri Uderolal moved throughout Sindhi and preached a message of unity and love, bringing harmony between the Muslim and Hindu communities. He often travelled on a “palla” flsh. In 1020 A.D. Uderolal left the earthly scene after completing 13 years of terrestrial existence, disappearing into the waters of the Sindhu from which he had emerged.

Because of the miracles of Sai Uderolal, a rocky pilgrimage place was established in His honour in the Sindhu river between Rohri and Sukkur. Sindhi Hindus called it ‘Jind Pir’ (Zindah Peer) and Muslims call it ‘Khwaja Khisir’.