Blood Donation Camps

Singapore Sindhi Association, help by holding regular blood drives activates at our premises on the 1st Sunday of January, April, July & October of every year since 1983. This noble act was started by the late Mr. Rupchand Bhojwani, it continues to be led by Mr. Vashi Chandiramani. The community blood donation drive campaign is part of the Singapore Red Cross’s ongoing efforts to encourage Singaporeans to embrace life saving humanitarian values and activities. This helps to ensure an adequate supply of safe blood. We are proud to say that SSA has been the major donor and contributor of Blood in Singapore and our efforts are well appreciated and recognised by Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Annual Bursari Award

The Annual Bursary Awards are given out to 2 deserving students each year. The awards are sponsored by our donors

Widow Fund

Financial Assistance (Widow Fund) – the Association with the help of the members continues to reach out to the needy within our community by sponsoring their education and providing other financial assistance wherever and whenever necessary.

Vesak Day Charity

Vesak Day is an auspicious day celebrated by Buddhist all over the world and also in Singapore to mark the Birth of Lord Buddha. SSA organises a special program on this day, along with our kind hearted donors. Their contribution is used for good cause. Our volunteers contribute time, organising day visits to charitable Homes like the Old Age, Orphanage etc. of the less privileged. Donations are made to these Homes including spending time with them. These services provide our members with an opportunity to serve those who need our love and care. Our young generation are encouraged to engage themselves, learning the true purpose of life is to serve Humanity.

The Kindness Ripple

SSA has partnered with “The Kindness Ripple “ an annual rice drive started by our own Drishti Bablani, where rice is donated each year to various Homes. In 2019 this drive collected and donated 10,050 Kgs of rice to various shelters /homes in Singapore and found itself on the Singapore book of records for the last donation of rice.

Excellence Awards

Excellence awards are given on Diwali each year and are distributed on Diwali event.

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