Social Events

Singapore Sindhi Association, help by holding regular blood drives activates at our premises on the 1st Sunday of January, April, July & October of every year since 1983. This noble act was started by the late Mr. Rupchand Bhojwani, it continues to be led by Mr. Vashi Chandiramani. The community blood donation drive campaign is part of the Singapore Red Cross’s ongoing efforts to encourage Singaporeans to embrace life saving humanitarian values and activities. This helps to ensure an adequate supply of safe blood. We are proud to say that SSA has been the major donor and contributor of Blood in Singapore and our efforts are well appreciated and recognised by Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Our senior Citizen programs started, in the year 2003 and it has been held under the leadership of Mr Chatru Vaswani and his committee. Every get together comprises of entertainment in the form of picnics, video session and talks. The outing and day trips has proven to be very popular and successful. This community service gives an opportunity to our seniors who can participate, socialise    and interact within the community.

Vesak Day is an auspicious day celebrated by Buddhist all over the world and also in Singapore to mark the Birth of Lord Buddha. SSA organises a special program on this day, along with our kind hearted donors. Their contribution is used for good cause. Our volunteers contribute time, organising day visits to charitable Homes like the Old Age, Orphanage etc. of the less privileged. Donations are made to these Homes including spending time with them. These services provide our members with an opportunity to serve those who need our love and care. Our young generation are encouraged to engage themselves, learning the true purpose of life is to serve Humanity.

Mother’s Day is very special to every child , who expresses his/her priceless love for their Mother. The word MOTHER resembles, LOVE, CARE, DEVOTION and DEDICATION. The first word a child utters is MA-MA. The bond shared between a child and a mother is a Gift from GOD. SSA celebrates MOTHERS DAY with programs like bingo, lunches and other enjoyable events.

FATHER’S DAY is very important to the family. A Father work very hard all day to provide his family with happiness and comfort. One can’t imagine life without the care, shelter and protection given by a Father. SSA held the first Karaoke Fathers Night organised to create better bonding in the family. This event undoubtedly had shown the closeness within the different generation. The fun filled event went on through the late evening, including excellent Karaoke competition with many Hindi songs. The event would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participants who made the evening colourful.

Krishna Janmashtmi is celebrated every year at SSA with cultural program which also narrates the story of Lord Krishna through Drama, Songs and Dances. The program includes children and adults taking part in singing, dancing and acting. This program is led by our Mrs Asha Singh for the past 25 year. We also appreciate the contribution from our regular sponsor, Uptron Pte Ltd and others.

Singapore National Day falls on 9th August. This event is celebrated at SSA with fun-filled programme for our young children to instil sense of solidarity and commitment to the Nation. The programme includes children’ games, goodie bag, singing the National Anthem , rising of Flag by our youngsters, and cake cutting.

SSA celebrated Indian Fiesta, in conjunction with the Indian Independence Day on 15th August . It was an evening filled with great variety of program and Indian food. The entertainment includes music and dances. Live Bollywood songs, were performed by our own High Street Boys who brought in lots of cheer and joy to all those present. This event left a foot print in our mind as an unforgettable evening.

Diwali Open House is celebrated every year without fail at SSA. This evening brings our Sindhi families together, to grace an important Hindu festival, Diwali. The evening starts with Meet and Greet and a variety of food for all to enjoy. This festival of Lights gives all of us SINDHIS, a small community in Singapore an opportunity to be one Family.