Our Logo

Our Present Logo

Singapore Sindhi Association new logoOur logo encapsulates our humble beginnings and portrays the accession of our community to the present heights through its ascending crest. The tough battle our community endured is represented by its reticular shape, and the niche carved by our community worldwide is highlighted in the neatly webbed diamonds. The forked shoot signals “Onward March” and captures the essence of our farsighted community which does not believe in resting on its laurels. The logo will remain relevant for a long time, even, as the community continues its progress to scale new heights to take its rightful place in the social hierarchy.

Our Former Logo

Singapore Sindhi Association former logoOur old logo was the “Clipper Boat”. It represented the indomitable spirit of our community. From the wanderlust cravings of our community to its thirst for knowledge; from its business aspirations to the sacrifices from time immemorial, the “Clipper Boat” captured the essence of our harmonious and progressive ancestors.

It was only changed in 2003 when the Sindhi Merchants Association became the Singapore Sindhi Association. A new logo was needed to reflect the new identity.