History of Singapore Sindhi Association


  • The Association’s first property was in 30 Enggor Street.
  • Enggor Street property was then sold on 29 May 1951 for $55,000
  • The Association subsequently bought 176 Neil Road for $45,000. The Association’s Neil Road premises were used to lodge Sindhis in transit to various destinations via Singapore. Even “Veesi” (contract meals) service was run by Mr. Hashumal.
  • Committee meeting minutes were kept in vernacular Sindhi – until July 1951. Thereafter, they were kept in English.
  • Association donated $400 for war-time evacuees from Japan to facilitate their transit through Singapore.
  • Sindhi ladies made Collections for the building fund for Ramakrishna mission – 1948.
  • Originally there were two Sindhi Organisations namely, Sindhi Merchants Association (SMA) and Sindhi Club (SC).
  • 795 Mountbatten Road initially was rented for $550 p.m for recreation purposes – run as Sindhi Club (SC) which was a different entity from Sindhi Merchants Association (SMA).
  • The SMA supported SC with a $300 monthly grant.
  • Mr Jawaharmal Idanmal subsequently got the option to buy the property for $80,000.
  • The SMA agreed to fund the purchase from its own accumulated reserves.
  • The President of the SMA at the material time was Mr Hassaram Balani (KAJ Chotirmall & Co.)
  • In 2003, the name of the Association was changed to “Singapore Sindhi Association (SSA)” under the Presidency of Mr Manu Bhojwani.
  • Now every adult Sindhi is eligible for membership.
  • For the first time a lady Mrs Divya J. Advani was appointed to serve on the Management Committee as Vice President.
  • The first trustees of Sindhu House were Mr D.T Assomull & Mr K. Kishinchand.
  • The present trustees are Mr Sajan Bhojwani, Mr Nand Ramchandani & Mr Sunder Samnani.
  • The first lady President of SSA Mrs Divya J. Advani was elected in 2008.